On May 14th 2023, Felix Krieger will conduct the world premiere of Donizetti’s DALINDA at Konzerthaus Berlin.
DALINDA was to be premiered at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples in 1838, but was banned by the censors before the premiere. After that, the opera was considered lost. The opera was recently rediscovered in a library in Naples by Eleonora De Cintio who edited the opera now for Ricordi. Almost two centuries late, DALINDA is now being performed in Berlin for the very first time. Italian director Giulia Randazzo will be in charge of setting up the stage, while Steffen Schubert will be responsible for preparing the choir, Choire and orchestra of the Berliner Operngruppe will sing and play in this semi-scenic production.  DALINDA is co-production with Opera Co-Pro Ltd..